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Collie Dog Breed Information + Photo

collie dog breed

Collie dog

Collie breed features

Collie is a very beautiful and elegant breed with a long luxurious coat. Such a dog immediately attracts attention, and if you communicate with it closer, you cannot remain indifferent to this breed. They love people very much, are focused on them in every possible way, show friendliness and willingness to spend as much time together as possible. With gentle handling and proper care, the collie dog will become a reliable friend of your family and will give you many pleasant moments together.

Collie Breed, or as it is also called, the Scottish Shepherd, is a very popular and in-demand dog breed today. Its history begins in Scotland, as well as in Northern England, where the Collie was bred as a herding breed. Today they are much more common as companions, family dogs, distinguished by their loyalty to their owner.

The growth of a male of this breed can reach 65 cm, and females up to 60 cm, the average weight ranges between 25 and 35 kg. Many people don't even need to look at a photo to identify a collie dog breed. She became very recognizable in the middle of the 20th century after the TV series “Lassie” was released.

Collie dog breed information

The main character won the hearts of millions and the demand for puppies of this breed has grown. In the series, the character of the dog was shown very accurately – the audience saw her sharp mind, responsiveness, and boundless love for loved ones. Collies know how to anticipate the desires of their owner, feel his mood, and adapt to him. Of course, like any other breed, the collie has its own characteristics that should be considered when choosing a puppy. It is necessary to be responsible for any dog ​​and be ready for it from the very beginning.

Collie’s personality is loving, adorable, and very loyal, these are dogs that can become an excellent companion and loyal pet for their owner. They are very intelligent and responsive, the breed is even considered almost the most trainable, so a collie puppy is easy to teach to the rules in the house and teach the necessary commands. Collies are companions who are guided by love and friendship with people.

collie dog breed

This breed is not suitable for those who are not ready to pay a lot of attention to the pet, and this applies not only to the obligatory daily walking but in general, the relationship between the owner and the dog. With a lack of communication, even the most obedient collies can begin to show signs of destructive behavior. Even if you’ve already spent a lot of time together and are tired of a long walk, the collie can lie down next to you and calmly watch you.

This is also explained by the historical purpose of the dogs since they were previously used as shepherds, and now they tend to calmly observe others and be close to them. If you want to get a collie dog, you need to provide it with stable living conditions, as well as exclude loud sounds, that is, living near the road, airport, and other similar places, the collie will be very uncomfortable.

Since this breed needs physical activity, it is worth taking care of a safe place where it can actively run and exercise. Collies love children and get along well even with other animals, including dogs. This breed is very attached to its owners, as well as to the place of residence, therefore, when moving, it is necessary to take time to adapt the dog so that it gets used to the new territory and does not run away in search of an old home.

Collie puppies

How to Care for Collies
Collies can be smooth-haired or rough-haired, which affects their temperament as well as the difficulty of grooming. In order for this dog’s coat to remain in proper condition, it must be brushed at least a couple of times a week. Smooth-haired representatives of the breed may have enough of one time. It is worth bathing a dog of this breed once every 2 months. Since caring for such a coat can cause problems due to the appearance of mats and take a lot of time, it is better not to neglect it, but turn to a good groomer. It is also important to monitor the condition of your pet’s ears, checking them every week for inflammation or signs of infection.

The ear medicines should only be prescribed by a veterinarian. By brushing their teeth regularly, you can prevent tartar, gum disease, bad breath, and tooth loss. In general, collies are classified as “healthy” dog breeds, but there are several diseases to which they are prone. Some sources of information say about cancer cases. All these cases are rare and treatable by meds for dogs. They could be bought in Online Veterinary Pharmacy.
To exclude them, it is recommended to carefully select a puppy, study its pedigree, and then monitor its nutrition and have regular check-ups by a veterinarian. The average lifespan of this breed is from 12 to 15 years, so your pet will be able to delight you for many years with its devotion and love.


How to Train a Collie
Collie dogs are a very intelligent breed, so they are often used as guard and service dogs, and they also take part in search and rescue operations. This breed can be involved in protective services, so it is better to entrust the dog training to an experienced instructor who can direct his character and behavior in the right direction. Due to their calm disposition, collies lend themselves well to training, and only sometimes show stubbornness. While training a dog, you can use treats as a reward, but you should be extremely careful with punishments. If you treat a collie dog roughly, it can become shy and timid, ashamed of people. Having mastered the basic requirements, you can begin to set more complex tasks for the dog, including moving on to agility.

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