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Cane Corso Dog Breed Information + Photo

Cane Corso Italian Mastiff with puppy

cane-corso-dogCane Corso

Description of the breed Cane Corso

The Cane Corso dog breed is originally from Italy, it was specially bred for hunting wild boars.  Today they are used as excellent watchdogs, and more and more people are choosing the Cane Corso as a pet.  This breed is very devoted to its family, they like to lie for hours at the feet of the owner, but it is not in their nature to show special friendliness to strangers and small animals.  Unlike other mastiffs, the Cane Corso is quite athletic.  They have a large physique, their weight can be even under 120 kg, which is not surprising since the breed was specially bred for hunting large animals, as well as protection.  If you see this dog only in the photo or from the side, you can even get scared, as it looks quite impressive.  Cane Corso is not suitable for novice dog breeders, or those who previously dealt only with medium-sized breeds.  They need a leader who demonstrates the ability to dominate, but without rudeness and aggression towards the pet.

CaneCorso guard

Cane Corso Breed Standard

The Cane Corso breed standard is large, strong yet elegant, long, and well-defined muscles.  Already at first glance, it is clear that this is a strong, agile, and resilient dog.  The body type is mesomorphic, which means that the body is about 11% longer than the height at the withers.  The standard length of the head should be equal to one-third of the height of the dog at the withers.  It is of the broncocephalic type, which means that the muzzle is shorter than the skull.  It occupies about 66% of the head’s length, but its length and width are the same.

Cane corsos pairThe description of the breed in the standard stipulates that if the craniofacial axes converge too much – this is considered a defect, they should converge only slightly.  The weight of the male can reach 50 kg, the female – 45 kg.  The height at the withers in males is up to 64-68 cm. Dimorphism by the standard should be obvious.  The Cane Corso’s chest is wide and open, the pectoral muscles are well developed.  The dog’s tail can be carried slightly above the back, but with a candle, it should never stand up.  The tail is docked near the fourth vertebra.  The front legs are upright and strong, the hind legs are in proportion to the size of the dog, powerful and strong.  Today, there are enough materials and photos in the public domain, by which you can understand how a true representative of this breed should look.

cane corsos

Types of Cane Corso colors

There are different color variants of the Cane Corso breed.  The most common ones are red in different shades, black, brindle, and gray.  At the base – gray of different shades of red.  There are even dogs with a slightly blue shade of coat, in the photo they look especially attractive and interesting.  Representatives of the breed with a red or brindle color must have a gray or black mask on the muzzle that does not go beyond eye level.

Cane corso

How to feed Cane Corso?

cane corso photoSince the Cane Corso is a very active breed of dog that loves to move a lot, they need proper and balanced nutrition to renew their energy.  The feeding of puppies is reflected in the fact that the Cane Corso is a late-maturing breed.  Until they are 5 months old, they can be fed 6 times a day.  Then, until the dog fully matures, the diet can be divided into 3 parts.  It is best to feed the puppies on a strict schedule, keeping the same time intervals between meals.  To prevent the puppy from hunching his back while eating, the bowl can be placed at the level of his chest on a special vertical stand.  The diet must have a balance of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.  As it grows up, the dog will get used to proper nutrition and regimen, and then there will be no problems in adulthood.  If you have decided to feed the Cane Corso with natural food, then you should make sure that it is quite varied.  Protein can be taken from meat, eggs, fish, milk.  Small puppies’ meat is chopped.  Boiled chicken, raw beef, boneless rabbit, and blood are useful.  It is best to avoid eating minced meat.  Fruits, vegetables, dairy products have to be in the diet of Cane Corso.  In order not to waste time and effort on the correct calculation of the menu for the pet, but still provide it with all the nutrients, you can choose high-quality dry food.  An experienced veterinarian will help you to find it for the needs of a particular dog.

cane corso italian mastiff

How to educate and train the Cane Corso

cane corso breedThe Cane Corso dog breed has a very calm and balanced character, but this does not mean that it will obey any owner.  Such a character is inherited and largely depends on the abilities of the person with whom the Cane Corso dog spends its entire life, that is, the breeder or owner.

You should start raising your dog as soon as the puppy arrives at your home.  He must understand who is the leader in the pack, and that he is not the leader here.  For the upbringing of Cane Corso, it is very important to provide him with good living conditions (in an apartment a dog of this size will feel uncomfortable), enough territory and time for walks, active games, regular training, as well as a lot of love and caring treatment.  Obedience is brought up by stimulating the conditioned reflexes of the dog.  In particular, the fear of being punished and the desire to be praised are actively used.  At the same time, rudeness and aggression are unacceptable; as a punishment, a change in the intonation of the voice should be enough.  From the very beginning, you need to put on a collar on the puppy, it can be soft, then he will get used to it faster.  Also, it is worth teaching basic commands.  Cane Corso dogs are very intelligent, quickly remember new information, and strive to please their owner, to see that he is happy and get praise.  With the right approach to training and regular exercise, you will grow up an obedient adequate dog.

Cane corso dog breed adult dog

How long Cane Corso lives

The life expectancy of Cane Corso dogs, on average, is about 10-11 years.  There are several diseases inherent in its representatives, so you should regularly visit your veterinarian and be examined.  It is also very important for the dog’s health and long life to have proper feeding and enough exercise. Some sources of information say about Cane Corso cancer cases. All these cases are rare and treatable by meds for dogs. They could be bought in Online Veterinary Pharmacy.

Peculiarities of mating cane corso

cane corso with puppy

The ability to reproduce in cane corso manifests itself quite early, even before the age of one year.  But the animal’s body is often not yet ready for such a colossal load, and this applies not only to females but also to males.  Early mating can lead to unwanted physiological changes, as well as to various diseases, the treatment of which is often very problematic.  The optimal mating age for females is 20 months, for males – 24. But when planning, it is better to consult a veterinarian and take into account the individual characteristics of your pet.  Also, he will be able to talk about all the stages of preparation, necessary examinations, vaccinations, deworming, etc.

Cane Corso puppy

How to choose a Cane Corso puppy

cane corso puppiesBefore buying a puppy, you need to learn as much as possible about the breed, talk to breeders, owners of Cane Corso dogs, study various forums of owners of such dogs, understand the characteristics, look through a large number of photos to determine the color that you are most of all attracts.  All this will help make sure that you are prepared for the characteristics of such an animal.  To purchase a puppy, it is important to contact a proven kennel, where you will not be given a dog that does not meet the breed standard.  The nature and health of your pet are directly affected by heredity, so be sure to study the pedigree of his family, ask the breeder questions about their life.  It is better to get to know a future family member personally, and not choose by the photo to intuitively recognize a friend in him.  The puppy should be cheerful, playful, and inquisitive, not afraid of everything around and not ignore the society of people, and also not show aggression.  At first glance, the Cane Corso breed of dogs seems very strict, and this is logical – they are beautiful, sleek, and command respecting.  But, having become attached to a person, they show other qualities that make them the best companion for an experienced dog breeder.

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