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Spanking dog good or bad?

Spanking dog
Spanking dog good or bad
Spanking dog good or bad?

Spanking dog good or bad?

Let’s try to figure out whether to beat your dog!?

Unfortunately, until now, many owners are sure that without whipping, raising and training a dog is simply unthinkable. This is one of the most tenacious and dangerous myths, and we will get rid of its influence completely very soon. However, more and more people (and this is good news) are inclined to believe that spanking a dog is not allowed.

 Why can’t you beat a dog? how to make a dog obey without spanking? Why can’t you hit a dog, even if it doesn’t “hurt”?

You can’t beat a dog for many reasons.

First, it is simply cruel to beat a living creature whose life and well-being depend entirely on a person.

Secondly, the dog behaves “badly” because either it was taught this behavior, even without realizing it (and most often it was taught by the person who hits), or it was created by nature for this behavior (that is, it behaves – what a surprise! – as a dog) or was bred by a person (if we are talking about breed characteristics that the owner did not take into account when purchasing a puppy), or its basic needs were not met (which is also a “merit” of a person). Which means it’s just not fair to beat her for it.

how to make a dog obey without spanking
how to make a dog obey without spanking?

Why do people beat dogs and does it bring the desired result?

There are four reasons why people beat dogs:

  1. A man, having beaten a dog, gets emotional release. He came home after a hard day’s work, and even received a reprimand from his superiors, and at home – another puddle or gnawed shoes. I beat the dog – it seemed to feel better. The problem is that such a scenario is reinforcing for a person, which means that he will beat the dog over and over again. Will this teach the dog how to behave? It is highly doubtful. But to be afraid of the owner and not to trust him will teach.
  2.  The man tries to stop the undesirable behavior of the dog by whipping. For example, a dog tried to pull a piece of sausage off the table – a man hit it, the dog dropped the sausage and ran away. The dog barks – the man beat her, she fell silent. Has the effect been achieved? It seems that yes, the behavior has stopped. But in reality – no. The fact is that hitting does not affect the dog’s motivation in any way, and its need remains unfulfilled. This means that the dog will look for other ways – and it is not a fact that you will like them more. Perhaps the dog will no longer steal from the table in the presence of the owner – but what will prevent it from doing this when he turns away or is in another room? If the dog barks from being overly excited, the barking will not make it calmer, which means it will either bark over and over again, or the overstimulation will result in other behavioral problems. In addition, beating a person does not teach the dog an alternative behavior, that the need can be satisfied in an acceptable way.
  3. The owner does not know that it is possible to interact with the dog in a different way. To be honest, in this age of information opportunities, this is perceived as a mocking “excuse”, nothing more. Here it’s time to remember the saying “who wants – looks for opportunities, who does not want – reasons”. And there are more than enough opportunities now.
  4. The owner just likes to beat the dog. Alas, this is not so rare – an attempt to make sure of their own importance and omnipotence, causing harm to another living being, or to satisfy sadistic tendencies. But there is nothing to comment on here. The only acceptable way to deal with this is with normal, working laws aimed at protecting animals, identifying such individuals, and prohibiting the keeping of dogs.


Finally, hitting dogs is just dangerous. According to the results of the study, at least 25% of dogs immediately respond to the aggression of the owner with aggression. Other dogs initially show signals of submission that most owners simply do not notice, which means that the dog has no choice but to defend itself, and as a result, we get a dog that is dangerous to the owner and others. Even in some dogs, such methods form a learned helplessness, which sometimes suits the owners, but in this case the dog is constantly experiencing distress, which affects its health and well-being.

Sometimes the reason lies simply because of the fact that dog whines all the time

Here it is important to carefully observe the animal, what kind of alarming symptoms are associated with whining:

Veterinarian and dog
Veterinarian and dog
Veterinarian and dog

when the dog intensively shakes his head, scratches his ears and whines, it may be in the presence of any ear disease (for example, otodectosis, otomycosis, otitis, etc.);

dog whines all the time  and it causes aggression in the owner.

if pet whines after eating, there is a problem with the digestive tract (gastric ulcer, gastritis, peritonitis, ascites, oncological processes, etc.);

if pet whines when she poops, blame can be pathological processes in the intestine (colitis, bowel obstruction, proctitis, etc.);

the dog whines when urinating, if she has diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, urolithiasis, complications after estrus, etc.);

if the animal in addition to whining, there is also a temperature, discharge from the nose and eyes, a stool disorder, when the dog does not eat, and sometimes does not drink, sharply loses weight, then it may be a bacterial, viral or fungal infection;

extremely restless dog behaves with a large accumulation of worms inside the body. In these cases, in addition to whining, there will be such symptoms: diarrhea, alternating with constipation, vomiting, cough, weight loss, shortness of breath, deterioration of the skin and coat, itching in the anus. These problems can be easily solved with anthelmintic products for dogs.

if the dog whines and shakes (tremors and convulsions), it is sick, rapid pulse, saliva flows, breathing becomes shallow, diarrhea is observed, then you can suspect poisoning with poisons, medications or spoiled food.

Is there an alternative? What should I do if I can’t beat the dog?

Dog whipping is a legacy of cruel parenting methods that were common (and declared to be the only possible ones) in the early and middle of the last century. These methods were a direct consequence of the attitude to dogs as military vehicles, which must demonstrate unquestioning obedience and complete lack of initiative from the category of “Step left, step right – shooting on the spot”. And also a consequence of an extremely low level of understanding of the psychology of the dog and the features of its behavior.

However, dog behavior is now being studied from all sides, and over the past couple of decades we have learned more about “best friends” than in previous millennia. So there are more and more alternatives to cruel training methods, and it is not necessary to beat a dog. Brushing them off is just stupid and unfair to Pets.

No one disputes that it is important to teach the dog the rules. But you should do it wisely. Consistency and consistency, predictability and diversity in the right proportions, as well as ensuring the basic needs of a four-legged friend are extremely important.

how much exercise does a dog need everyday, this is an important question depending on the dog’s breed, place of residence and many other factors.

There is a huge variety of methods for both dog training and behavior correction, free from cruelty and based on positive reinforcement in our online dog supplies you can buy all the necessary products for your favorite pet.

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