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Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information + Photo


The Golden Retriever, I’d say for a start,

 Is as gold a guinea in every part –

Oh, he’s golden of jacket and golden of heart

Patrick Chalmers



Golden pool

According to foreign psychologists, the Golden Retriever is very similar to how children imagine dogs. Retriever takes the fourth place of dog breed rating created by Canadian scientists depending on their intellectual abilities. By the mind, intelligence, and fine sense they are useful in border forces, police, special services.

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Labradors are obedient and patient assistants for persons with disabilities and old people. Golden  Retriever is successfully used  for people with cerebral palsy. This dog can recover belief in abilities, help blind to ‘see’ and deaf to ‘hear’. Definitely, a trend has a place to be, but Labrador – classic, Coco Chanel in the dog’s world.

Priceless story

In the middle of the 19 century, a new breed arrived from water spaniels who ached for serving their masters. This is the main feature of the golden retriever. By 1885 Retrievers became kings of hunting dogs among English aristocrats. This is a dog with phenomenal scent, hunt instinct, great memory, strong body, stamina and agility; a good swimmer with thick underfur. The first breeder was Dudley Marjoribanks, 1st Baron Tweedmouth from  Guisachan, Scotland.

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

In 1913 was founded the famous «The Golden Retriever Club», after a few months later Kennel Club of the United Kingdom accredited the new breed as Golden Retriever.

The first champion Normanby Campfire was breed by Mrs. Winifred Charlsworth who took the lead of  Golden Retriever Club. Due to Mrs. Charlsworth, Labrador gets a reputation of a capable gundog, competitive with other Retrievers.

In 1930 this breed was accepted in the USA and Canada, and later in 1939 was created the Golden Retriever Club Of America (G.R.C.A.).  It’s a common situation when this dog becomes a new member of the American family. He’s playful and suits kids. Retrievers were so popular in the USA that a new species was created.

Purity of gold

Golden Retriever Pedigree dog
Golden Retriever Pedigree dog

There are two standards of the breed: Kennel Club UK (English type) и American Kennel Club (American type). American types are a deep golden color and English types are tolerable with different kinds of golden and cream colors. Both types are not acceptable with dark fur. According to FCI in Europe, dog shows and breeding use English criteria.

American type is a little higher: height at the withers male-dog is 58,4-61 cm and lady-dog  is 54,6 – 57,2 cm. English height at the withers male-dog is 56-61 cm and lady-dog is 51-56 cm. Both standards focus on the exterior, well-balanced, walking to be aligned with the breed. Golden Retrievers must demonstrate kindness and have vigor, vigilance, firmness, and be as a natural gundog. Experienced fanciers don’t mix types of Labrador because the exterior barely meets the criteria.

Compared with other breeds, Golden Retrievers are quite healthy. However veterinarians admit liability to a disease of the musculoskeletal system (dysplasia of the elbow and hip), cataract, retinal atrophy, epilepsy. Some sources of information say about cancer cases (but it’s a myth). All these cases are rare and treatable by meds for dogs. They could be bought in Online Veterinary Pharmacy.

Let’s go to the gold-mine

Golden Retriever Puppy
Golden Retriever Puppy

First of all, find an experienced fancier. Important to know that a puppy should grow up in cleanliness, and have a lot of dog walking space. In other cases, you should avoid places without such standards. If you don’t know such a breeder it’s better to ask friends for recommendations. Also, you can put trust in a veterinarian that would be the best choice.

Fancy price doesn’t mean anything. All around the world the prices are similar. If you want to breed, first of all, pay attention to family history and parents’ exterior, secondary – prizewinning (quite often this is the owner’s achievements, not dog quality).


Golden Retriever with Puppy
Golden Retriever with Puppy

Also, when you are choosing a puppy, it’s important to inquire about parents’ genealogy. The best breeding kennels are concentrated in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Gender doesn’t matter, but it’s widely thought that lady-dogs are more tender, attached, and get training faster. On the other hand, boy-dogs have a better memory.

The puppy should be taken by a new family not early than 45 days after birth. Till this time the puppy stands on its feet with confidence, brave, and perceives the world with interest. There shouldn’t be any discharges from the nose, eyes, ears. It should be strong feces and clear skin (without induration and bald spots). Pay attention to how the dog moves: should have a strong walk and fast dash.

The golden age of Labrador comes early or later. That’s why you don’t need to judge the current look. The best shape arises at 3-4 years. 

His Grace

The Golden Retriever has a lustrous temperament that will attract everyone. True Golden is full of energy and kindness. Some dogs are aggressive and chicken-hearted. But that is not about Retrievers. You have to see the difference between ‘youthful exuberance’ from junkyard dogs and chicken-hearted from not socializing.

Golden Retriever training
Golden Retriever training

The mental health of Goldens is very ‘fragile’. You shouldn’t beat or shout at them. Training should be done with carrying and patience.

By choosing a dog handler make certain that he will keep in mind retrievers’ peculiar properties, because training hunting dogs and Retrievers have differences. Labradors are clever but they should be trained. In other circumstances, you can raise a badly behaved dog. You will have pleasure from common activities. Golden Retrievers quickly memorize new commands thanks to their sagacity and high intellect.

Labradors are calling Pedigree dogs as their picture used on TV advertising and dog food. Very popular Retriever mini (flat Golden Retriever), but it’s not the same breed. That dogs have another temperament and exterior.

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